Health, safety and Environment

As a part of WASS’s commitment to Heath, Safety and the Environment, we have developed a HSE management system, to be used to ensure we all work together to provide a quality product in a safe and healthy environment with due consideration for our environmental obligations. We incorporate this into our works to ensure we meet the highest of our client’s expectations.

Safety is what we do when no one else is watching.

Our targets are

  • Zero Injuries to all personnel and visitors to our sites
  • Zero plant or equipment accidents or incidents
  • Zero environmental incidents

Take 5 for Safety:

  1. Think through the task
  2. Spot the hazard
  3. Assess the risk
  4. Identify controls and make the changes
  5. Do the job safely and then review the job again

Achievements 2014

  • No Fitness for work breaches
  • No environmental breaches
  • Created a HSE recognition plan


Cyclone awareness